Satay (Chicken, Beef or Pork)
Strips of marinated meat, bbqed on bamboo pork skewer, served with tasty peanut sauce and white vinegar cucumber sauce.
 $   7.95
Po Pia Tod  $   6.95
Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, tofu, mint, and cilantro freshly wrapped in rice paper, served with tamarind sauce.

Po Pia Sod  $   6.95
Shrimp, bean sprouts, cucumber, mint and cilantro, freshly wrapped in rice paper, served with crushed peanuts and a tamarind sauce


Yam Nuea
Grilled beef with roasted Thai chili served on a bed of lettuce with a mint dressing.
 $   8.95
Yum Mamuang (Mango Salad)  $   8.95
Fresh mango with grilled prawns, onions, cilantro in spicy lime dressing with toasted cashew nuts.


Tom Yum Goong
Hot & sour soup with shrimp, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf, mushroom and tomatoes

$  9.95
Tom Kha Gai
Spicy chicken coconut soup with lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leaf and mushrooms

$   8.95


Choice of Meat
Shrimp $6.95
Beef or Pork $6.25
Chicken or Tofu $5.95
Choice of Rice
Sweet white coconut rice
Red beet and corn rice
Yellow safron curry rice
Veggie Sides
Salsa  (add mango .50)
Pickled daikon & carrots
Fresh lettuce mix


Gai Yang  $   8.95
Thai style barbeque chicken served with sweet garlic sauce
Pla Sam Rod  $11.95
Fresh salmon deep fried and topped with a sweet chili sauce
Asparagus  $  10.50
Stir fried crab meat and shrimp with fresh asparagus and lobster sauce


Comes with chicken or beef

Pad Ga Pow  $   8.50
Ground meat stir fried with garlic, fresh chili and  basil leaves
Pad Puk Ruam Mit   $   8.50
Stir fried mixed vegetable with oyster and garlic sauce
Prik King   $   8.50
Stir fried with string beans, roasted red curry paste and ground peanuts 
Pra Ram  $  8.95
Stir fried meat on a bed of spinach, topped with a mild peanut sauce.
Cashew Nuts  $   6.95
Stir fried with onions, green onions, pineapple, cashew nuts, roasted chili and chili paste
Gang Gari   $   7.95
Choice of meat in coconut milk with potatoes, white onion and yellow curry paste
Panaeng   $   7.95
Choice of meat stewed in thick sweet curry and coconut milk with a touch of fragrant citrus leaves
Kang Keiw Wan   $   7.95
Choice of meat in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, pepper, basil leaves, eggplant and green curry paste


Pad See You (Thai Soy Sauce Noodles)  $   7.50
Choice of chicken, beef or pork with rice noodles, broccoli, egg and sweetened soy sauce
Pad Thai  $   7.95
Thai rice noodles with shrimp, peanuts, tofu, bean sprouts and tamarind sauce
Rad Nah
 $   7.50
Stir fried rice noodles and broccoli, topped with chicken, beef or pork in a light gravy 

Pad Kee Mao (Spicy Basil Noodles)  $   7.95
Stir fried rice noodles, shrimp and chicken with fresh basil and chili garlic sauce
Kho Pad Sapparot  $   7.95
Stir fried rice with chicken, shrimp, pineapple, cashew nuts, carrots and onion


Thai Iced tea & Thai Iced Coffee  $   2.50
Hot Tea & Hot Coffee  $   1.95
Coke, D.Coke, 7 up, Ice Tea and Lemonade  $   1.95

Beer & Wine

Singha Thai Beer  $   4.00
Samuel Smith Lager Beer ( England)  $   4.00
Samuel Smith India Ale Beer ( England)  $   4.00
Ayinger Hefe weizen (Germany)  $   4.00
Stone Cellars Chardonnay ( California)  $   5.50
Stone Cellars Cabernat Sauvignon (California)  $   5.50

Restaurant Hours
Monday -Friday 11-8p
Saturday Noon-8pm
Sunday closed

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